Welcome to my first ever website exclusively devoted to my practice!!!

This website is definitely a work in progress and will eventually encompass the full breadth of my 37years of making, including my art/science projects from around 2007 until now.

A great deal of the works currently represented here can be found in  survey exhibition currently showing at The Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. The exhibition is a part of the SALA (South Australian Living Artist Festival) The show runs until September 4, 2016 and as the featured SALA artist, a  monograph- Catherine Truman: touching distance will be launched at the AGSA on July 29th. Wakefield press is the publisher, and it is the 18th in the series which has highlighted the work of South Australian living artists since the inception of the Festival way way back!  Im very excited to be a part of this wonderful series of publications. Melinda Rackham has written the insightful and engaging text and there are many many luscious images by Grant Hancock. Grant has documented my work for over 30 years.  Rachel Harris of Bit Scribbly has worked her design magic to produce a beautiful, elegant book and, again, it's a first. This is the first time that my 37 years of practice has been brought together in this way. It's 192 pages!(We're all a bit proud!)

 2016 and 2017 are busy busy busy years. I'll keep you posted!